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Campus Moviefest

Best Picture 2013 - 2016

Best Comedy 2013 + 2015

Best Story 2013

Best Director 2014

Best Actress 2013 - 2016

Best Cinematography 2015

Best Production Design 2016


Travel + Leisure's Most Viewed Video

Steph's produced + edited social media video was the most viewed in the history of  Travel & Leisure within its first week of posting

Metal Sucks

Raving reviews for their music videos for "Ready 4 Lvv" "Death to Death Metal"Tropical Beaches, Inc"

Ideas United - Adobe

interviewed Steph on her experience with CMF and what it was like to create her first short film

Women's Running Mag

featured Steph's client commissioned fitness video

Witches and Whatnot

described "Harry Potter and the Adjective Noun", as "the perfect response to the fan-wide disappointment in JK Rowling's "Cursed Child"

Dread Central

database for horror entertainment news, excitedly announced Cryptina's release

Bloody Disgusting

Cryptina was described as "an anthology which we’ve never seen done in short format before"

Blue Fever

feminist media featuring "Gifted", describes Steph as "baller actress/owner of Part Time Hooligan"

Nightmarish Conjurings

raving review for Cryptina at Panic Fest

Downright Creepy

promoted the long awaited online release of Cryptina's Spook-Time Variety Show

Screenings + Awards

Cannes Film Festival 2015 + 2016

Verona + Gifted featured in their Short Film Corner

Virgin America 2013 - 2016

#Hipsters, Switchpocket, Verona, and Gifted featured on all international flights

Amazon Prime Video

Steph's first short film #Hipsters is available for viewing

Terminus Film Fest - Lifetime Achievement Award

awarded for Steph's outstanding influence and accomplishments within the student filmmaking world


Horror Comedy Film Fest 2018

Cryptina's Spook-Time Variety Show - BEST PICTURE


Fear NYC 2019

Cryptina's Spook-Time Variety Show - BEST MAKE-UP


Panic Fest 2019

Cryptina's Spook-Time Variety Show

Hollywood Blood Horror 2019

Cryptina's Spook-Time Variety Show - BEST COMEDY

New Jersey Horror Con 2019

Cryptina's Spook-Time Variety Show - BEST SPECIAL FX

Frostbiter: Icelandic Horror Fest

Cryptina's Spook-Time Variety Show

Third Eye Film Festival

Cryptina's Spook-Time Variety Show

Portland Horror Festival

Cryptina's Spook-Time Variety Show

Local Haunts: Horror Showcase

Cryptina's Spook-Time Variety Show

Femme Fatale February

Curiosity Killed the Detective

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